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We offer a variety of full color replacement faceplates for many CB and Amateur radios.
Our faceplates are manufactured from 10mm adhesive backed 3M Lexan material and printed with a multi-color high gloss finish. Each model has been precision die cut for an exact fit every time! No special tools or adhesives are needed! Simply remove the radio knobs, stick on the new faceplate over the original one, and replace the knobs. That's it!

The faceplate cutouts also include special logos for your microphone, radio case, or other places. These are flag logos that you can use to dress up the radio or use in other locations. The 3M adhesive will bond to almost any surface and withstand high heat and extreme cold conditions. Don't settle for cheap "Bumper Sticker" quality that warps in the heat and bubbles in the cold!

Dress up any radio with a professional looking Freedom Faceplate for very little money!

Available at many premium CB Distributors, Truck Stops, and Radio Dealers Nationwide!

* All Faceplates come with 2 Flag Logos for Mics, Radios, and Other Uses *

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